Won Big. Made it Rain,.... Made it Rain too Much by mistake!!!!! 😩🔫

  • So I was feeling pretty Gifty at this point after winning 10 ETC that i wanted to give back to the community by making it rain a little. I was determined to tip out 0.1 ETC to 10 random lucky users, for a total of 1 ETC. Still new to this platform but figured all the general functionalities should be a no brainer or aka."common sense" (something most are lacking of these days, but i'll save that for another rant) I go to select how much i want to distribute and i typed in "1" for the coin amount and "10" for how many users.... I know you guys are thinking, "just cut to the chase already"... from past experiences playing on many dice sites, I basically made the mistake in assuming that the "1" coin was going to automatically split equally among all random users, after i felt a swift kick to the nuts, to my surprise was 10 coins missing from my account.

    I got over it pretty quick, but i gotta say that the worst thing about it was i didn't get a single "thanks"... haha oh well F.M.L . #YOLO #GoodKarma

  • @thewmd i can understand when i saw thee rain i shocked and just said that it is done by mistakely .. hope who users catch it may they returned ... ... it was almost 0.035 btc .. damnnn ..

  • @kaleemmalik071 ya it's a pretty crappy feeling, especially when theres no one else to blame but yourself. Just another learning curve to go through to not make the same mistake is all that was. I was over it pretty quick, gotta look at things from a positive light no matter how bad things are, because things can always be a whole lot worse! #TRUTH

  • @thewmd You will play more. I lost 10 classic ethereum. You will return 20. So it always has been and will be.

  • @thewmd ...you can get it back in other way....goodluck to you

  • sometime we did mistake