[FINISHED][GIVEAWAY]Crack the code challenge.

  • Game: Dice
    Start: 08:00 UTC Saturday 15
    End: 08:00 UTC Monday 17


    No winners 😞

    A mysterious explorer just handed us a locked dice box. To unlock the dice box and to share the treasure with all, we need your help. Upon close inspection of the dice box it is found that the first puzzle piece is 17.65! You are required to find 3 additional puzzle pieces of which must contain 3 existing numbers from the previously unlocked puzzle piece.

    Example successful combination:17.65 (starting number must be an exact match), 71.05, 51.37, 10.67( The remaining three numbers can be any but must be formed using any of the three numbers from the existing numbers i.e. 1,7,6 and 5.)


    1. Roll the first winning bet for the number 17.65 and 3 additional winning bets containing any 3 digits of the previous number, starting with 17.65.
    2. Minimum bet is 10 satoshi bitcoin or 50 ether ethereum or 100 litoshi litecoin.
    3. 1 valid entry per person.
    4. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.

    How to Enter

    Respond to this topic along with your betIDs followed by the number and at the end your username.

    #bet1:5b9b6a1c4cb5596fabf4f0f7 - 17.65
    #bet1:5b9b6a1c4cb5596fabf4f0f7 - 71.05
    #bet1:5b9b6a1c4cb5596fabf4f0f7 - 51.37
    #bet1:5b9b6a1c4cb5596fabf4f0f7 - 10.67
    username: amarcrypto

    Bet id provided above are just for example purpose , you need to submit the right betIDs as any error in betID will lead to disqualification.


    Every one that post a successful combination will win. Prize will depend on the total number of users that participate in the game.

    If you have any doubts or suggestions leave your comments below.

  • @amarcrypto looks familiar lol

  • @wolfcub yup its a fimilar one 😄

  • #bet0:5b9ce0334cb5596fabb2503c 1765

    #bet0:5b9d0abc4cb5596fabd0f4e0 7187 2.5X

    #bet0:5b9d0ac14cb5596fabd0f88e 4576 3.0X

    #bet0:5b9d0ac64cb5596fabd0fc8a 5141 3.5X

    #bet0:5b9d0ca94cb5596fabd274af 7455 4.0X
    username: dicekiller

    http://prntscr.com/kuogl0 1765
    http://prntscr.com/kupxim serial