(UPDATE!) Cryptotab Earnings are no Joke (anymore)

  • Hello everyone and thanks for reading my post(s) I appreciate it and as soon you see the value of its information you too will be happy you did spend these 2 minutes of your precious time!
    Let's get the Elephant right out of the Room .. 🐘

    This is indeed an attempt to invite you all to install the infamous Cryptotab browser and before you close this, please hear me out! 🙏
    First of all, I am using the Brave Browser (In order to Collect BAT) and NOT Cryptotab ! We install Cryptotab on our devices (Desktop PCs, Tablets, Cell Phones etc.) and let it "do its thing" until we need the device in question. Then we turn the "mining" off .. switch to the Browser or whatever application we wanna use and continue our normal Day as usual.
    Another Question my friends asked me right away is if its "harmful?" and I can assure you, millions of people worldwide are successfully using it to generate some decent extra BTC!
    The latest Update was a BIG BUMP in Speed! On my decent Desktop PC I make roughly 10 Cent per Night 🤑 🤑 🤑
    It also comes with a 5 Level Affiliate System so as soon you invite your friends, and they invite their friends you earn much automatically more,... blablabla you know the drill!!!
    Little DownSide: Payouts are done in a matter of hours NOT instant

    So what are you waiting for Download the Cryptotab Browse % FREE (click here) and Start Mining today !!

    Disclaimer: Links in this Posts are affiliate Links