• Since my early days of gambling, the #1 Problem was (and sometimes still is) the lack of Funds to actually play with. Dice, Slots and even Poker, all Fun as long as you have coins to bet with !!
    I researched all Summer long and I believe I came up with a setup that can rake in anywhere from 10 - 100 $ extra per Week.

    Disclaimer: All links are Referral Links which means, by using them you automatically join my Downline.
    It won't cost you anything, nor does it impact your income in any way. All eventual future Perks or Bonuses I may or may not receive are provided by the Services and Websites in Question.

    That being said , let's get right to it.
    Noo, ... wait ...
    One more thing:
    What I mean by that is, support Casino royal with the coins you will accumulate by depositing it here and not anywhere else. Here we win and lose our Coins ! 🃏 🃏 🃏 💯 💯 💯

    I am not a very skilled Webdesigner so please bear with me and forgive me in advance for my clunky page.
    Now, without further ado here a List of Requirements :

    ✔ Step 1 - Preparations

    • PC or Android device

    • Internet Connection

    • Email Adress

    • Coinpot Wallet

    Optional: Download the Android App from the Play Store here

    ✔ Step 2 - Using Coinpot Email to Signing up with

    Additional FREE Faucets are listed here

    Now, you can claim the faucets every 15 minutes or so.
    I use the Coinpot Application while sitting on the toilet or having a moment of spare time. Once I have a decent amount of Coins together I Convert all of them to everyone's favorite: Dogecoin and deposit it here and try to hit the 9900x ✌

    Best of Luck to y'all
    yours truly