• well this has happened a couple of times with me that as i am about to hit the 5x Jackpot my autobet hangs after 4, its not like i was winning the jackpot or so but someone else might lose his/her's.

    Screen Shot: http://prntscr.com/kivztj

  • Global Moderator

    @faheel jackpot 4 time nothing when u hit 5 times continue and 5 hit with 0.001 btc then u win 100% jackpot amount 0.1 btc and if u hit 6 times then u win 1.0 btc 7 hit continue with 0.001 then u win 3 btc same if u hit 8 times continue in row with 0.001 btc then u win 5 btc.

    jackpot is in 8 step 4 step no win amount will start with 5 to 8 step.

  • of course bro i know that hitting 4 times doesnt give you anything, what i am saying is that after hitting 4 times autobet hangs means it never goes to the 5th hit.