Winter is Coming 14.11.2019 11:00 UTC - 21.11.2019 21:00 UTC

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    Poisoned apple 2
    Olympian gods
    Book of sun multichance
    Book of sun
    Scarab riches
    Vikings winter
    Dragon pearls
    Vikings gods gold
    777 gems
    Gods temple deluxe

    In order to qualify your results you have to make at least 100 spins in tournament games, not qualified players are not able to win any prize
    Minimum bet required to take part in tournament is 0.5 EUR equivalent coin;
    Other than the price to make a spin, there is no additional cost to enter the tournament
    Each player will get personal tournament ID for the leaderboard
    Leaderboard refreshes every 2-4 minutes minutes (30 minutes in case of emergency)
    Leaderboard formed from users who accumulated the most points
    Players will get points for each win round, depends on win multiplier.
    Only finished spins will get to the leaderboard
    Players can improve their results anytime during the tournament

    The prize distribution:
    1: 2000 EUR Equivalent
    2: 1500 EUR Equivalent
    3: 1000 EUR Equivalent
    4-5:750 EUR Equivalent
    6-10: 500 EUR Equivalent
    11-30: 300 EUR Equivalent
    31-50: 200 EUR Equivalent
    51-100: 150 EUR Equivalent
    101-200: 40 EUR Equivalent

    The Best Wished from CasinoRoyaleBet Team