Giveaway 50,000 TRX Rewards

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    About the campaign:
    Invite friends to the official TRON Telegram group to get free TRX! TRX will be rewarded according to the number of new members that join TRON official telegram group based on your invitations:
    1st place: 5,000 TRX
    2nd place: 2,500 TRX
    3rd to 10th place: 1,250 TRX each
    Other participants will share the remaining 32,500 TRX

    Campaign will be closed on 20th, September, 2019.

    How to participate:
    Join Here
    Join the Telegram group—
    In the group, start a conversation with bot @TRONEnBot
    Invite your friends to this group
    Get TRX

    Please remember to submit the correct TRON Mainnet address — the wrong address means no TRX!