Is Dice really provably fair?

  • Ok so from my understanding all of our dice rolls are supposed to be provably fair. Yes I do understand that we can verify every roll after it is made and I know how to do so. My issue here is that before we even make a roll and we generate a client seed is that the server seed generates a new seed after updating the client seed. When this happens that leaves speculation on whether or not the server seed could be potentially set to work against whatever seed we put in. Us being the players have no way to prove that such manipulation is not going on we can only prove what happens to our rolls. In my belief we should have the ability to change our client seed at will without the server seed changing with it. Or at least give us the ability to have our seed hashed just like the server seed is. We the players have our client seed viewable at any time and it is known by the server the instant we put it in, while the casino has their seed hashed and hidden to prevent us from manipulating the rolls in our favor. It is my firm belief that this really should be addressed especially since it is a site that claims to be completely fair. I thank you in advance for your response and hope to hear back on how this can be resolved.

  • @deeznutz479 The idea of provably fair is that all rolls are based on Client and Server Seed and game provider can not manipulate the results based on players strategy; Players at can enter client seed them self, currently we don't have feature of entering without changing the server seed but this does not change the concept of provably fairness as the main idea is that the rolls are predetermined and game provider can not manipulate them;