Free Apps for Android Users

  • Hello royal Gamblers , did you know you can collect free coins for watching Video Ads?
    I use many Applications but for this post i focus on 2 specifically interesting for you guys:

    👉 the first one i use is an App that generate Bitcoin Cash. It only works for Android users and is available on the official Google Play Store. Here the Link to the Store Page http://google.playstore/coinverting
    👉 The second app is called ETH- Spinner located here http://google.playstore/ethspinner

    👩‍🏫 How it works: You collect Satoshi by watching Video Ads. The more you watch the more you earn. You will need a Account for withdrawals and from there you can easily send it back to Casino Royale and try your luck by multiplying it with the popular Dice Game

  • I have the bch spinner and the pay you xcoins a minimum of 8000000 to cash out which would take weeks to gain .but it

  • Was disappointing to discover these xcoins are practically worthless. So you make less that a dollar for a few week work.big waste of time.

  • Thank you very much for sharing the information.