My personal Strategy (How to play Slots on Casino Royal for free)

  • Hello and welcome to my post and personal strategy.
    It's the first time i am sharing this with anyone because I first tested all these websites, and truly believe this setup (or routine) can improve your gambling experience - it's simple: Websites pay us in Satoshi for certain tasks. Some even pay just for showing up ..
    How is that possible ?
    Advertisers and their Budget. All the Banners, Popups and Ads you encounter pay for it. Its the cycle of E Marketing. One offers, someone else searches , and the next one even finds something ....

    Also, About that infamous Elephant is the Room: 🐘 These Clickable Links are so called Referral or Affiliate Links. similar to the one provided by CR to invite your friends.Meaning, Everyone that signs up using any of these links - automatically becomes my Referral and from this moment on the Website you signed up for will reward me.

    I gave it some thought and believe i found a setup that should work internationally for everyone that has the Time and following additional things available:

    • A Computer or Android Device
    • Stable Internet Connection
    • Email Address & Coinbase Wallet

    One last thing before we get started: Always remember: We all Gamble , first and for most , for Fun and not for a living.
    It's a recreational activity based on luck alone, we all know, there're countless strategies on how to set your Auto roll but the truth that nobody seems to acknowledge is : There is only 1 true strategy and it's as simple as it's cheesy : Luck 🍀

    This is my personal setup, or Routine :

    1)✔ I use for everything Gambling related : The CryptoTab a Browser like Google Chrome, that Mines Bitcoins in the background each time you leave the PC. It's 100% free to use
    2)✔ Every 60 Minutes i collect free satoshi on various Websites and Faucets. With a little research i am sure you'll find even more. The two i recommend and use daily are and Cointiply IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, ultimately we want to play Slots at Casino Royal - do not gamble on any of these sides, we are just here to collect the free satoshi 😇 and pay them out to our Wallets !
    Optional: Let your PC watch Videos on and connect our Account to your Cointiply
    3)✔ Next Stop is Coinpot - a Microwallet that's connected to multiple faucets at once. Please be careful here: (Ad blockers are Advised) It's full of Ads and toxic ☢ popups , therefor i only visit once per Day to collect (I use my Samsung Smartphone while sitting on the toilet, lol ) the free satoshi
    4)✔ These two Apps are for Android only and pay straight to Coinbase : First in line is BFast BFree an App shows Videos in exchange for Satoshi and some free ETH with the Free Ethereum Spinner

    This Setup will result in even more Satoshi when you start using your Referral Links and invite your Friends and Followers on Social Media to join you. Rewards vary from side to side but every Website will reward you for new Members . aka Customers. Remember you can find your Affiliate Link inside the Casino in the upper Right Corner under Affiliate
    Affiliate Link
    alt text

    Then use this Link to invite your Coworkers, Friends, Family to our Community and Casino. And as a thank you for bringing more members, you'll receive a Wagering Commission on their Plays for life. The more you manage to invite the more you can earn and use for gambling yourself.

    Back to the Question at Hand: "how to play slots on Casino Royal for free?"

    Now that we collect all these free Satoshi and Send them to our Casino Royal BTC Wallets we also want to keep an Eye on the Chat. I always look forward to Roll Hunts . These are a great source for some extra satoshi and here is how i do it:
    Let's say the Numbers to roll are 88.88
    I would set any currency i have enough of (not BTC) on auto bet 1.4x minimum 0.0000001 and set the speed to 2x so i can follow the flow of numbers. Now i switch to "My Bets" so i can only see my own wagers and wait for the 88.88 As soon it hit's i stop Autoroll and post the Roll into the Chat , with this Button
    alt text

    That's it !

    I collect over 450k Satoshi with this Method every Week and the more people i invite the more and faster i earn. Do it like me! Get these free Satoshi
    For Questions, Recommendations or Criticism use the comment section below. I will check this Threat from time to time or alternatively you can find me in the [EN] Chat in Casino Royal! @Teslan

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