• @ewaiaga yeah there should be a level system like level grow when will wager more also faucet grow thanks

  • username= @dingdong
    Topic = I like the feature to be added Steak of win & Losses
    and Every win & Losses in Automated Betting at Dice

  • Username: @SkrPOPbop
    Topic: Might be nice if we have rock paper scissors kind of game where we can bet and play with friends
    Custom avatars
    Ignore option
    Anonymous bets
    Special Awards for High Wager
    Premium Lending and Tipping For High Level
    Two-side Betting
    In-built Music Player
    Hide Stats
    Sports Betting
    Fantasy Sports Betting
    GIF & Video Sharing in Chat
    Percentage Return on losing FULL DEPOSIT
    Wager Contests
    Better Day-mode

  • @mootmoot511 I think is better to make suggestion that will not be useful than do not make it at all 😉

  • first of all i want to say that exchange level is too high for common users and second dont interfare in several i means only one player will play in one chat room and third erase BN room

  • give mining and trade option in it 🙂

  • For levels i think there should bé some weekly prizes (vip tips) like for VIP levels ( who wager for e. About 50 btc or something Like that.) good is also 1 btc Prize for wager Ing like LEGEND(other site it is about 1500btc in every curency). I really love wager Ing contest elswhere what is happening like for some time with some curency and guys can win some money and wager some coins too they are motivated to play and make deposits. I recomend start to use minimum bet for games, again motivation doing deposits not just play with faucets. Instead faucet should bé one more coin that there can bé game who Will earn the Best amount in daily weekly ( if u interested can chat about it little more).

  • @angrej no its not. U just need to make depo and not with playing faucet. Exchange for minimum 3 eur is big? Comon...

  • @petusa
    then the website will become too much like the other site..
    we need something special to make the site stand out

  • hi, pls show coin name in all currency coins. for example i changed inr coin then showing value only. not showing btc, doge, litecoin...etc, how i know coin name.

    day mode options is fine but, too bright, pls reduce some brightness.

    if possible avatar setting option.

    thank you

  • Username: @sophiecathy

    -Make a level system with the wagered
    -We could have a winning percentage with the wagered realizing with deposit requirement (deposit within 30 days)
    -Make a lottery system with member to deposit (deposit within 30 days) or have a minimum level
    -How to hide our stastistics
    -Have constant fast rolls
    -To be able to change the color of the site

  • USERNAME:OALIEN ignore button, wd direct to card, rewards system

  • 🔥 USERNAME = @AlemaoHu3
    🔥 TOPIC = View your profile without having to mention it in the chat.
    Private messages in chat.
    Hide your profits.

  • My acont: @parker123

    I think it would be really cool to update the avatar that everyone likes would be pretty cool.

    and another tip they put a lottery buying coupons to participate in the lottery.


    TOPIC: #1 make an auto change roll if win fpr ex. U bet high when win u bet low pls add it on auto bet

    #2 more active on chats more chances to catch rains this is for room that has,been haunted 🙂 this is suggestions

    #3 changing avatars 🙂 make it our real face

  • username:oalien we need the ignore button honestly i am tired of the beggars and spammers

  • username : cryptodu30
    Add the option of sharing a bet on social networks (twitter, facebook, etc...). To attract new people easily ☺

  • can you guys add a pvp(max 3 player) roll hunt game, like i want to challenge someone or invite someone in roll hunt with a prize

  • username cryptonoob75 I think we should implement a day where the house edge goes down a percent or two. This would bring in alot of money if we did this on the weekend where most people get paid. More money for the site more to win for members and more to lose on the weekdays lol .