Slider strategy for maximum profit on dice.

  • The most cool part of the dice game here is that you can use the slider to change payout while you are rolling in auto bet. This comes in pretty handy specially when a long losing streak comes up when we bet for too long.

    You can change the roll direction too. Its best to avoid it as you might loss more if you change direction often.

    Go with roll over, it provides the best results usually for long term betting.

    Here is how to play to get the maximum win:

    1. Set increase on loss to 90 %.
    2. Initially when the auto bet starts let the bet roll on higher payouts. ( Payouts above 10).
      alt text
    3. If you do not win in the first 5 bets slowly decrease the payout gradually. If you do not win even in 10 bets on auto decrease it below 2X you will definitely win.

    Hope this helps you in winning more.

    If you have good strategies too, share it down in the comments below. If needed make a new post too 🙂