Thanks to the great and unique MOD @Fulano

  • Today I had a very sad news, and I am sure that many will surely be sad in the future.
    I just want to say that today we have a brilliant MOD in our BR chat, a trusty guy and I speak with my mouth full that @Fulano today has conquered my confidence in everything, a guy who always respected everyone and was always kind to everyone, never missing with respect to anyone in the chat, I am sad that because of some Brazilians who do not respect our community and try to somehow disrupt, confusing the respect given to them, somehow wanting to make our great friend MOD of silly, but our MOD of a fool, there's nothing.
    I want to thank all the administrators who made the best choice of MOD for the BR chat and who will trust our MOD @Fulano and say that he is a guy on my part and many Brazilians who are currently active in chat BR, the best MOD which I have known in my entire experience on DICE sites.
    I also want to thank MOD @Fulano, who has done a great job so far with our BR community.
    @Fulano, you're the guy I trust and who can count on me for anything you need.

  • yes dear friend i also like him very much as a mod:)