[Brazilian Room] Thank You @Fulano!

  • I am really enjoying to play at Casino Royale: Vault Feature, Rains, Roll Games and New chat friends.
    But what definetively caught me was the recipiency @Fulano dispenses to all new players. He is kind, friendly and do his best to keep our chat fun! I play at a lot of dices, but today I am spending much more time in here.
    IMHO he should be our mod -
    Thank you so much Fulano!

    BTW, Thanks @anil5638 , the website is really great!

  • Essa carol é mita mesmo... parabens!

  • @Fulano is the best!!! I use royale casino in a short time but since I arrived he always gave support!!

  • @carolbrj , I'm so surprised with your beautiful words. As I said early you left me without words in chat. So, I would like to say thank you for all support you gave me since you arrive in Royale, you are shining our lovely chat room with your good words and sincerity. I guess I should give you this feedback first.

    Thank you for all support!!!

  • I agree with you Carol, @Fulano is the best we have.
    always provides us with great moments in the CR, whether with games and guiding us.

  • I do not have much time on the site, however, in that little bit of time I'm in it I always see @Fulano helping new players arrive in the best and clearest possible way, always making them feel at ease on the site and the BR Room , besides making games to keep the chat active (often from own resources) and I would not be surprised if he became a mod in our chat, if that is your will, he will have all my support!

  • This post is deleted!

  • good evening Mods and Adms I spontaneously thank for having in the chat our friend and helper So-and-so, an exemplary person and that with his charisma and simplicity attracted my confidence and is attracting that of several players .I imagine that as soon as the chat reaches 50 or more online players will have the need of a Mod in chat Br.Com or without the title of Mod it will certainly respect everyone, but as we know in history the hierarchy has always had its place, and I will be very sorry to see our colleague reach Thanks for the attention of the gentlemen. 🙂