[CLOSED] Free Daily Lottery - Predict The Royale Color #11

  • How to join?

    Choose any one from the following Royale colors and comment along with your username.

    Royale colors:

    R - Red
    O - Orange
    Y - Yellow
    A - Aqua
    L - Lime
    E - Ebony

    Post Format:

    Royale Color: Red
    Username: Your Casino Royale Username.

    Rules / Requirements:

    • Comments with incomplete information will be disqualified.
    • Your forum account should have an avatar.
    • Only one Entry Per User. Multiple Entries Will Lead To Disqualification.
    • Prize will be credited to your Casino Royale Account.
    • Edited entries will be disqualified so instead of editing delete your older entry and post a new one instead.

    How the daily lottery game winner will be picked?

    I will make a rain of any random time on the next day to 5 people and those 5 people name will be the server seed and the client seed will be CRLottery.

    Royale Color Provably Fair Code:


    $client_seed = 'CRLottery';
    $server_seed = 'serverseed';
    $result_seed = hash_hmac('sha512', $server_seed, $client_seed);
    $result_color = hexdec(substr($result_seed,0,10));
    $lottery_color = 1 + abs($result_color % 6);
    if ($lottery_color == 1)
    else if ($lottery_color == 2)
    else if ($lottery_color == 3)
    else if ($lottery_color == 4)
    else if ($lottery_color == 5)
    echo $lottery_color;

    Whoever all that predicted the right color will all be given a number starting from 1 for the first post down to the last post. A random draw will be done using the same server seed and client seed. Whoever that wins will get a reward from me.

    Lucky Winner Picker Provably Fair Code:


    $client_seed = 'CRLottery';
    $server_seed = 'serverseed';
    $total_winners = 5; /5 will be replaced by the total number of winners/
    $result_seed = hash_hmac('sha512', $server_seed, $client_seed);
    $result_number = hexdec(substr($result_seed,0,10));
    $lottery_winner = 1 + abs($result_number % $total_winners);
    echo $lottery_winner;

  • Royale Color: Lime
    Username: niklaus1987

  • @amarcrypto said in [OPEN] Free Daily Lottery - Predict The Royale Color #11:

    Royale Color: Orange
    Username: avcarrilho

  • Royale Color: Yellow
    Username: vampeta

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  • Royale Color: Aqua
    Username: angelsmith

  • Royale Color: Green
    Username: captaindice

  • Royale Color: Aqua
    Username: sankasanka

  • Royale Color: Red
    Username: Limmabux

  • Royale Color: Orange
    Username: Jonnyyc

  • Royale Color: Red
    Nome de usuário: orelinhatx

  • Royale Color: A - Aqua
    Username: Surgut

  • Royale Color: Red
    Username: AlexVs

  • Royale Color: A - Aqua
    Username: Bysinka53