• Hi, I would like to talk to you about the Seuntjies bot. You are probably a lot to know at least the name.

    Automated betting is good but very limited. We always turn around the Martingales system.

    With Seuntjies software you can set direction changes, chance changes, reset seed, increase your bets completely differently and much more.

    Example of strategies:

    strategy 1:
    Chance = 90%
    If I lose once, then Chance = 49%
    If I lose then multiply by 2 the previous bet.
    If I win then go back to base bet and chance = 90%.
    If I win 5 times then change direction
    Reset the seed every 1000 rolls

    Strategy 2:
    Chance = 49.5
    If I win 2 times in a row then return to base bet
    If I lose 2 times in a row then multiply by 2 the previous bet
    If I win then change direction

    Strategy 3:
    Chance = 90
    If I win then bet amount = bet amount - 100 satoshi
    If I lose then bet amount = bet amount + 1000 satoshi
    Force bet amount not to rise above 20,000 satoshi
    Force bet amount not to go below 10 satoshi

    Strategy 4:
    Chance = 75
    If I win then decrease the bet by -25%
    If I lose then increase by 75%
    Force bet amount not to go below 10 satoshi

    These strategies are simple, and can be easily executed on the Seuntjies bot but you can make much more complex strategies. There is even a programmer mode for those who would like to go even further.

    All the strategies you can imagine are achievable with this bot. Many online casinos have integrated this bot, and I hope that royal casino will do the same. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact seuntjie and the royal casino support to politely suggest them.
    download :

    success in the game

  • They did not support CasinoRoyale.

  • It has to change

  • Hi, I found this strategy on Youtube Grin
    I tried many but at the moment it is the only one that allows me to win something every day. I've been using it for over a month and it works great

  • Unfortunately only works with if the Casino in Question offers API access. So places like CasinoRoyal or even luckyfish wont let us take advantage of this software.