• Game: Dice
    Start: Tuesday 4, 14:00 UTC
    Duration: Till the First 2 Winners or 24 Hours.
    Check time here: https://time.is/UTC

    What you need to do?

    Win a bet on 330 X Payout on Dice with a Minimum bet amount of 1 BCN.


    First two to Match Will Each Get 1000 BCN.

    Giveaway will conclude in 24 hours or the first 2 winners are picked whichever is earlier.

    In case of a tie the position of the post will be considered.

    Post Format

    Bet ID: your bet id
    Username: your username


    1. Comments with incomplete information will be disqualified.
    2. Edited messages will be disqualified. You may post as many times as you want. But make sure to maintain 1 entry per player. Delete your older post when making a new one.
    3. Bets before the giveaway start time and after the end will not be considered.
    4. Your forum account should have an avatar.
    5. 10 Post in Forum.
    6. Only Winning Bet Allowed.
    7. Only BCN can be used to place bets.
    8. Minimum Bet Amount is 1 BCN.
    9. Payout Must be set at 330X.

  • nice game amar bro

  • Bet ID: #bet0:5c068949069a7004550e4471
    Username: sujeet

  • Bet ID: #bet0:5c068c50069a70045510958f
    Username: sankasanka