Flat betting, Positive Progression or Negative Progression. Which one do you prefer?

  • Flat betting:

    Flat betting as the name suggest you keep the same bet throughout the entire betting session.


    1. Safest betting little to no loss.


    1. No profit.

    Positive Progression:

    You only increase your bets when you win and return to base bet when you lose. Paroli system is the most commonly used one.


    1. Can handle long losing streak.


    1. Profit is less. Sometimes no profit.

    Negative progression:

    You increase when you loss and return to starting bet when you win. Martingale is the most commonly used one.


    1. Highly Profitable.


    1. Without sufficient balance you can lose all your funds in a long losing streak.

    Which one do you prefer the most among these three? Or Do you use any other system rather than this three.