Privacy Policy - ENG

  • Data Retention Policy

    CasinoRoyale aims to collect the least possible amount of personal data necessary for using the service. The personal data processed by CasinoRoyale are the following:

    Username – used to play with CasinoRoyale bot in Telegram messenger;
    Password – used by a user in order to login in the system;
    E-mail – used to send security e-mails, to restore access to an account, to login to the system, to send marketing e-mails if user agreed;
    Rolls - Past rolls made by the user for 30 days;
    All data above will be stored until a user deletes his account with an exception of Rolls made by the user, which is cleared after 30 days;

    Conditions Applicable To Child's Consent In Relation To Information Society Services:

    It is strictly forbidden for underage to access the Service. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you represent and warrant to us that you are at least eighteen years of age, or above if local regional laws and regulations have higher age limitation;

    Cookies Policy

    What Are Cookies?
    A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on an internet user's computer. It is generated by a web page server (which is basically the computer that operates the website) and can be used by that server whenever the user visits the site. A cookie can be thought of as an internet user's identification card, which tells a website when the user has returned. Cookies can't harm your computer and we don't store any personally identifiable information about you on any of our cookies.

    Why Do We Use Cookies On CasinoRoyale?
    CasinoRoyale uses two types of cookies: cookies set by us and cookies set by third parties (i.e. other websites or services). CasinoRoyale cookies enable us to keep you signed in to your account throughout your visit and to tailor the information displayed on the site to your preferences.

    What Cookies Do We Use On CasinoRoyale?

    Below is a list of the main cookies set by CasinoRoyale, and what each is used for:

    _fp - stores browser's fingerprint. Lifetime: forever.
    _t - stores timestamp when user firstly visited site in current browsing session. Needed for unique visits statistic. Lifetime: browsing session.
    _r - stores http referrer for current browsing session. Needed in order to external track traffic sources. Lifetime: browsing session.
    _c - stores identifier of affiliate campaign. Needed for affiliate statistic. Lifetime: forever.
    Cookies set by third parties for wildcard domain: *

    Google analytics: _ga, _gat, _gid
    Freshdesk: __zlcmid
    Cloudflare: __cfduid
    Please keep in mind that some browsers (i.e. chrome on mac) keep background processes running even if no tabs opened due to this session cookies may left set between sessions.

    There are also cookies set by third party scripts to their domains.

    How can I manage my cookies on CasinoRoyale?
    If you wish to stop accepting cookies, you can do so through the Privacy Settings option in your browser.

    Personal Data Protection Policy

    CasinoRoyale’s mission is to keep your Data safe and for this matter we protect your data in various ways. We provide our customers with high security standards, such as encryption of data in motion over public networks, encryption of data in database, auditing standards, Distributed Denial of Service mitigations, and a Live Chat available on-site.

    CasinoRoyale keeps players bet for 30 days from the last roll made by the user, within this period the user can check the fairness of the bets, after 30 days the bets will be cleared from our databases.

    Server Protection Policy

    All servers have full encryption;
    All backups have encryption;

    Firewalls, VPN Access;
    Access to servers allowed only over VPN;
    All http/s services work over Cloudflare;
    Connections to nodes over VPN;
    SSH port forwarding tunnels;
    Services allowed only over VPN;
    Server have firewall and allowed only SSH port;
    Alerts on critical services.

    Data Breach Notification

    When CasinoRoyale will be made aware of personal data breaches we will notify relevant users in accordance with GDPR timeframes.

    Data International Transfer

    We only disclose personal data to third parties where it is necessary to provide the high-quality service or in order to respond lawful requests from authorities.

    We share the following data to third party systems:

    Freshdesk Inc. – username and e-mail information is transferred if user sends a message to live-chat or sends an e-mail to support mailbox.